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SevenStar's combination of extensive market knowledge, state-of-the-art microwave design and highly relevant manufacturing experience has produced a new generation of SART that delivers the following key benefits:

  • Physically small and light (only 40mm thick, and 385g weight)  

  • The first SART to be shipped as NON-HAZARDOUS goods!

  • Easy to carry-off and deploy (easy shape to hold, light)

  • Easy to install permanently in liferafts (smooth, very low profile)

  • Capable of automatic activation as liferaft deploys

  • Has electronics that are sealed for life, with no adjustable parts

  • Has a field-changeable, NON-HAZARDOUS battery

  • Uses digital technology to guarantee lifetime performance



It is one of the smallest and lightest SARTs so far, and it is the first SART that can be shipped as NON-HAZARDOUS goods - this makes it a lot easier and cheaper to arrange shipments anywhere in the world since the change in carriage legislation in Jan 2003. It's small size and efficient packaging further reduces shipping costs - a single liferaft model in its carton takes up less than 0.5kg 'volumetric weight'!

All the primary parameters are set and stored digitally within the S.701 SART, ensuring that its performance will NOT 'drift off' over time as with conventional analogue designs.

It has been designed to be equally applicable to the ‘Carry-Off’ SART market AND to the new liferaft-mounted requirements. (From July 2004, one in four liferafts on Ro-Ro ferries HAS to fit a SART. It obviously makes more sense for ALL the liferafts to fit one.) Its sleek appearance also makes it an attractive and highly effective safety addition for both yachts and power cruisers.

And it can be delivered to market at a price where it is cheaper to buy a new SevenStar SART than it is to replace the battery pack on many older units!  

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