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·    The SkyTraceR S.705 Radar Tracking Transponder from SevenStar Electronics Ltd has been designed to achieve accurate and reliable tracking or secondary surveillance of objects using commercially available, low cost X-band radar sets

·   It features an X-band radar receiver, and a frequency-selectable, programmable X-band transmitter (within the range 9.2-9.5GHz)

·     It produces a clearly recognisable radar return (‘paint’) on the surveillance radar set

·    It has been designed using commercial off the shelf (COTS) components, and is the result of many years experience in the specification, design and manufacture of marine radar transponders (SARTs – Search And Rescue Transponders) and related marine safety equipment. It brings together the ultimate in high-reliability design and modern manufacturing techniques

·    Its exceptionally low power consumption and small size make it ideal for tracking objects such as drones and other UAVs without affecting their usable payload or performance

·    Its unique digital design brings new levels of sophistication and programmability to suit varying needs, and also gives guaranteed lifetime performance, reduced component count and increased reliability



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