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NEWS: The S.801 AIS Identifier now has R&TTE Approval! Click PDF icon to the right to view.................

Key Features:

  • ·          Lowest cost AIS transponder

  • ·          Optimum performance

  • ·          Low power consumption

  • ·          Simple to use - no cabling required

  • ·          Compatible with SO and CS AIS

  • ·          Rechargeable internal battery

  • ·          Internal antennas

  • ·          Integrated GPS receiver

  • ·          Emergency alert button

  • ·          Only 250g weight

  • ·          IEC 60945 'exposed' category

  • ·          -15 to +55 degC operating

The Identifier is the world’s lowest cost, secure, AIS vessel tracking solution. It has been designed specifically to enable the low-cost tracking of large numbers of small vessels, where Class A or Class B Transponders are not suitable.

It is a self-contained waterproof unit that solves many problems that would otherwise occur - particularly where transponders need to be moved between vessels or allocated on a daily basis.

Specially developed VHF and GPS antennas are fully integrated within its ruggedized IPx7 case, enabling simple installation and use as well as optimizing performance. Intelligent AIS transceiver technology ensures full compliance with AIS CS and SO network protocols.

The Identifier has an integral rechargeable battery which allows continuous operation for more than 120 hours between charges, or it may be powered directly from the vessel.

Multiple passive and active features ensure the operational security and integrity of the Identifier at all times.

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Our marine product range also includes
AIS Transponders, AIS Receivers, Antennas, and SARTs.

We also produce a number of other transponders, including the SkyTraceR series of programmable Radar Tracking Transponders (follow link on left side panel for more info). These devices are used for enhancing the tracking and radar visibility of small objects, whether they are waterborne or airborne, manned or unmanned craft, and has the great advantage that you can turn them off for covert operation if required.  
We trust you will find the details you want on our site - if not, please do not hesitate to contact us, or any of our valued distributors via one of the routes shown.                     
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