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SevenStar Electronics Limited is based in modern premises in Wiltshire in the UK, and is approved to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and EU Marine Equipment Directive Schedule D.  The Company produces advanced electronic equipment for the global marketplace, and capitalizes on considerable experience gained with previous companies servicing the Marine marketplace. 

SevenStar draws on many years experience in the specification, design, manufacture, servicing and use of EPIRBs, SARTs, radar transponders and related marine safety equipment. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, and on meeting the requirements of the users as well as the mandatory specifications.

SevenStar's S.701 SART (Search And Rescue Transponder) was the first SART to be shipped globally as a NON-HAZARDOUS item, greatly reducing shipping costs and paperwork, and was designed to be equally applicable to the ‘Carry-Off’ SART market and to the new liferaft-mounted requirements. Its advanced design means it can be delivered to market at a price where it is often more efficient to buy a new SevenStar SART than it is to replace the battery pack on many older units. The S.701 SART has been highly successful in the RoRo ferry sector, in which it has achieved more than 75% market share!

Recognising the significance and potential contribution to safety of AIS technology, SevenStar introduced the SeaTraceR AIS Class B Transponder in 2007. The SeaTraceR was designed to be fully waterproof and robust for commercial use, yet still lightweight, small and cost effective for the leisure user. It is fully compliant with the IEC International specification, and is very simple to install. And near the end of the same year this was followed by the uniquely upgradeable SeaVieweR AIS/GPS Receiver.

Check out the Product pages for further information, and the AIS & GMDSS sections for useful background information.

Those involved in the formation of SevenStar have previously made significant contributions in this market individually, including design, regulatory, consulting, manufacture and servicing involvement with many of the major suppliers. It is worth noting that there are only three or four other successful SART manufacturers, as the particular skill set required to produce a SART is rather unusual, and requires good working expertise in microwave circuit and antenna design as well as in marine electronics, environments and regulatory requirements. SevenStar's combination of extensive market knowledge, state-of-the-art design and highly relevant manufacturing experience delivered a new generation of SART that is the slimmest and lightest so far. This creativity is now being focused on the application of AIS technology.

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