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 SeaTraceR - EU, BSH, USCG and FCC Approved!                                      

The SeaTraceR AIS B Transponder from SevenStar has NOW BEEN UPGRADED TO FEATURE AN OUTSTANDING 50 CHANNEL GPS RECEIVER, USE LESS POWER, AND ALSO HAS USB CONNECTIVITY FOR EASE OF USE. Robust and resilient to the stresses of life at sea, the SeaTraceR is housed in an IP-65 rated aluminium enclosure with matching and versatile mounting hardware, all of which is protected with a sea-water resistant coating under a heavy-duty powder-coat external finish. POSSIBLY THE MOST ROBUST CLASS B TRANSCEIVER!

Combined with a chart plotter, laptop or AIS-enabled radar set, it takes NAVIGATION SAFETY into the next generation - once you've seen the SeaTraceR in action, you won't believe you could have sailed without it!

     Standard surface mount                           
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The benefits...

  • You can see who else is within your vicinity, even if they are behind another object! (headland, island, ship...)
  • You will be visible to any AIS-equipped vessel or coast station within VHF range
  • Two-way benefits are far superior to dubious one-way performance of most radar reflectors
  • You will see AIS navigation beacons (AtoNs) clearly displayed on your screen
  • Consistent and repeatable performance, based on global standards
  • Collisions can be more easily avoided
  • Security monitoring at Ports, Harbours, Marinas
  • Hire and charter craft can be easily monitored
  • Anti-smuggling, Anti-piracy, Anti-terrorist, Homeland security

How it works...

All you need is a VHF antenna, a GPS antenna, and power of course, in order to transmit and receive AIS data to and from other vessels or navigation systems.

We offer a very neat combined AIS/GPS antenna that really simplifies installation. Our new SeaTraceR Combi2 antenna comes with 2 x 10 metre coax cables terminated with high quality TNC connectors, ready to plug straight into the SeaTraceR unit.

To see the position and identities of nearby vessels, use the supplied data cable to connect to your plotter,  nav station or lap-top PC (NMEA/RS422 and USB ports are provided). All recent plotters and chart programs display AIS data, and virtually all plotter manufacturers have upgrades available that will display AIS data. Also most radar manufacturers are now well on route to overlaying AIS data on their displays.

How and where do I install it...

The SeaTraceR AIS B Transponder needs connections to two antennas, namely VHF and GPS - these should be placed in clear space away from other antennas, radomes, etc. (Note that a GPS antenna need not be mounted high up a mast, due to the effects of the boat 'heeling' on signal reception - best performance is usually obtained around cabin roof height, mounted to the rail, etc.). Our combined antenna (see right) is proving very popular for both leisure and workboat use. The transponder itself is ideally mounted in a sheltered position - although it is IP-65 protected, no box of electronics likes to be continuously inundated with salt water, rain, etc. The data and power connections go down to your normal nav equipment, so the transponder can be fitted near that.

Rather than just meeting the specification, we pride ourselves on designing user-friendly equipment, and have designed the case and mounting brackets to suit many different mounting requirements. Depending on your requirements, the transponder unit can be wall-mounted, or suspended below or above working surfaces. For professional applications we would recommend permanent fixing, whereas leisure users may prefer the 'thumb-screw' style brackets for easy removal of the unit when moored and left unattended.

Please note...

Adding an AIS Transponder to your vessel greatly improves your safety, security and situational awareness. However, it does not totally replace the function of a good radar set, a proven good radar reflector or a keen pair of eyes! There are some circumstances when a commercial SOLAS vessel will still not see or react to your transmission - but at least you will know he is there with AIS! Nothing can take the place of good seamanship, good training, and good equipment.

'Underslung' mounting

Waterproof connectors

Tilt mount

Surface mount





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